Young blacks and the crisis african american

Since removing teachers is almost always an extremely difficult process, regardless of how poor their performance, Peters attempted to get around the problem by recruiting concerned adults to support and work with students at the school as volunteers.

Dimensions of the Crisis and the Nature of the Response There is now little disagreement that large numbers of individuals, who happen to be Black and male, face an inordinate number of problems and hardships which set them apart from the rest of the US population.

This was important because I wanted to know how the changes that had occurred at the school were perceived by adults and students.

Not only are the problems which particularly afflict Black males persistent, but all signs indicate escalating rather than declining severity. Yet, was a watershed moment in the collision of violence and law enforcement. In the interviews, the majority of students readily acknowledged their past problems in school.

The preponderance of evidence supporting such a conclusion is almost mind numbing. Early on, Peters had come to recognize that without adults who could identify with the students at East Side, very little could change. Such an approach meant living and working with certain blatant contradictions that entailed a high degree of risk if not handled carefully.

The state of Black America in a word: ‘Crisis’

During this period, I offered a course in African American History which I taught each morning, five days per week, at first period. A senior counselor from a local high school who heard about what Peters was attempting to do at East Side, requested a transfer to the school so that she could join in the effort.

This case differs from most of the current efforts to support Black youth in that it was not created for the purpose of providing support and cultural affirmation.

The adults we recruited to the school were African American and most came from the same community as the students.

Tucked away at the margins of this community and school district, East Side was a bit like a mad uncle who had been confined to the attic lest his crazy antics embarrass and bring dishonor upon a decent family. Two names were cited most frequently by the students, both were veteran teachers who had worked at the school for many years, and interestingly one was Black and one was white.

This book was going pretty well until the author made some painfully naive comments about economic development and globalization which betrayed the fact that he was speaking outside his comfort zone which happens to be mine.

Despite the costs, rather than retreat from racial identification many African Americans have sought to challenge and invert the stigma associated with Black identity through various forms of affirmation Ogbu, ; Hooks, ; Dyson, Even as marked a year of momentous job growth, many have not seen their job and income prospects buoyed by the upsurge.

However, after a few minutes of conversation it became clear to me why the principal wanted to encourage this young man. On my first visit it seemed like all the action at the school was occurring outside of the classroom.

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Still, there is no doubt that severe problems exist for many individuals who are both Black and male. Responding to the Black Male Problem In a probing inquiry into the problem of youth violence, Greenberg and Schnieder ask the following: Many, though not all, of the problems cited as afflicting Black males are most prevalent in poverty stricken urban areas.

But I guess part of it was that I thought I could just get away with it.

The Hip Hop Generation

Cases such as this one demonstrate clearly how easily a well-intentioned intervention targeted at a particular group of students can degenerate into a dumping ground for individual students who are seen as difficult or even undesirable.

The hardest item on the agenda for the uninitiated to swallow was the demand for reparations. Often this assumption is combined with the belief that adult Black males are the most appropriate persons to provide the services and support needed by Black male youth Hale, However, Peters experienced a rejuvenation of the idealistic impulses that had originally drawn him to education when he arrived at East Side.

Many of our students were hardened from their past difficulties in school and the tough lives they led on the streets. The distinct smell of marijuana hung in the air and kids could be seen openly passing joints back and forth after taking their turn at sucking deeply and holding in the smoke.

This duty, this essential role to report the facts and the truth and how it is today even if those fact and that truth are extremely painful. Eventually, most of the teachers grew tired of resisting Peters and gradually began to give in.

Glen Peters was originally sent to the school to serve as its principal as a way of forcing him into retirement. Teachers were asked to put forward the names of their most difficult students. Two of the more senior teachers retired, while another two requested and received transfers to other schools.

Students described the two individuals as being like mothers, aunties and big sisters, and spoke of being inspired to work hard, and learning interesting and relevant things, and feeling respected. Undoubtedly, that perception was based largely on a comparison with their prior experience at other schools.

In its official pamphlets the district described East Side High School as a specially designed alternative educational program for "at risk" students.THE HIP HOP GENERATION: The Crisis in African American Culture User Review - Jane Doe - Kirkus. An authority on hip-hop culture offers a knowing primer on the state of young black ultimedescente.comnce journalist Kitwana is an astute observer of the "hip-hop generationers," defined by him as black 3/5(1).

The crisis facing young blacks, also referred to as the “hip hop generation,” is one that is multifaceted and contains various layers. Young Blacks today are being faced with a number of challenges within their community and within society as a whole.

The National Urban League's annual State of Black America report was released on Thursday.

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The takeaway? Despite many gains black America remains in "crisis.". Responding to The Crisis Confronting Black Youth: Providing Support Without Furthering Marginalization Pedro A.

The Hip-Hop Generation: Young Blacks and the Crisis in African-American Culture

Noguera, Ph.D. there is a renewed effort to address the "crisis" facing young Black males by creating new programs based on a different set of assumptions. For African American males in the US, there is no evidence indicating. Having said this, as far as depth of argument is concerned Bakari Kitwana's informative and overall brilliant "The Hip-Hop Generation " is an unfinished work; I believe that his take on the SOLUTIONS to the various CRISES facing young Blacks in African-American Culture remains wanting.

The Hip Hop Generation is an eloquent testament for black youth culture at the turn of the century. The only in-depth study of the first generation to grow up in post-segregation America, it combines culture and politics into a pivotal work in American studies/5.

Young blacks and the crisis african american
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