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The store itself is home for the brand as well as a creative nexus Thesis lifestyle store Soweto and Johannesburg at large. I suppose the experience gave me some broad insight into fashion and retail management.

Persevere, keep an optimistic attitude and hustle hard. Yes, there is a culture of a single speed bike, where different crews meet up to ride on weekends and explore the city. The reader should not feel deceived so the good will should prevail. We have people coming all over the world to see both stores.

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A happy ten years to Thesis Lifestyle ; a landmark for a cultural and social institution, for and from the streets of South Africa. You can tell by how entries for races get sold out in a short space of time, the culture is growing.

It has been a journey of learning and pushing boundaries within the street culture, from clothing, live music sessions, urban cycling and running. It was about running the streets of Soweto and ensuring we are accessible to everyone no matter their age, size Thesis lifestyle store speed.

For about seven years we never had salaries, and what kept us going at that time was our passion — our passion for expression. Visited times, 1 visits today Continue Reading. Funding and getting people to understand our idea was a very big issue in the beginning.

Then the writer should explain how the consequences can vary if his position is adopted also keeping in mind what the reader believes in. It has its up and downs because business is never stable, so you need to adjust and evolve with the times.

The first five years are about survival, and the next five are about stabilising. We have been trading since then and we still have some good and bad days. How can people be part of the Thesis Run Cru? Do you sell bikes or plan to sell bikes too at the Thesis store or just stick to the apparel?

We have really played a huge role in influencing youth culture trends in SA. I will go for it in the future. What I like about cycling and running is that it gives me a chance to engage with other creatives who lead healthy lifestyles and I can do the sports solo, for some downtime.

How has the running culture in Jozi evolved?


Emile from Whippet Cycles built it. Post new comment Please Register or Login to post new comment. I managed to finish in 7h 56m for the up run, which was not bad for a first-timer. The mission is to invite and bring together athletes and fans who share the same obsession and Thesis lifestyle store.

Corner stores [in townships] have always been bottle stores or mortuaries, but we want to make corner stores a place where young people can come and push culture. We sell bucket hats, nbsp; Thesis Lifestyle — Logo Design on Behance As a brand, Thesis lifestyle aims to progress the youth of Soweto through that encompasses a pop-up space, clothing store and event space.

What I mean by that is, being a Township corner store can be a disadvantage as it exposes you to criminal elements and at times, lack of control. Today the brand is expounded into 4 pillars 1. By being in the forefront of street culture.These are some of the influential designers who are bringing South Africa’s style to the world.

Mantsho has a stand-alone store in Melville, Johannesburg (27 Boxes) and is also sold online through Spree. Wandile Zondo (Thesis Lifestyle) Thesis Lifestyle is not only a street wear label, but also a brand that hosts events and activities. Changing the face of townships, one store at a time: We chat to co-owner of clothing and lifestyle brand, Thesis By Yamkela Mdaka March 3, Print this article Email this article.

Nov 11,  · Thesis Lifestyle is a street wear brand that is built on creating a positive influence in the Apr 25, The original thesis store is located In the heart of Soweto at the pioneering.

Successful Visual Merchandising reflect the lifestyle of the customer the store wants to attract. They must support not detract from the product on sale. Mix props with products to evoke the right look. Note how the frames provide a backdrop to.

Wandile details the expansion of Thesis Lifestyle into four distinct segments: the retail spaces, the clothing brand, events, and social impact. As well as the Soweto store, they have opened another retail space in Kagiso, in the West Rand. View Sibangani Ncube’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

Sibangani has 2 jobs listed on their profile. Thesis Lifestyle; Previous: Ritual Store; 0 Title: Shop Manager at Thesis Lifestyle.

Thesis lifestyle store
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