The sick soul in william james s

Some sick souls never get well, while others recover or even triumph: Theology and the organizational aspects of religion were of secondary interest.

Becomes active member of the Anti-Imperialist League, opposing U. I sit at table after dinner and find myself from time to time taking nuts or raisins out of the dish and eating them. He finds that for profound depression to lead to significant religious experience, it must be accompanied by a powerful desire to make sense of things.

His Life and Thought, New Haven: Certain sequences of pure experiences constitute physical objects, and others constitute persons; but one pure experience say the perception of a chair may be part both of the sequence constituting the chair and of the sequence constituting a person.

Mussolinifor instance, hailed James as a preceptor who had showed him that "an action should be judged by its result rather than by its doctrinary basis. There is a distinction between an existential judgment a judgment on "constitution, origin, and history" and a proposition of value a judgment on "importance, meaning, or significance".

Cambridge University Press, pp. I feel that although this is not the most pleasant way to deal with spirituality, it is the most realistic. The significance of this view, according to James, is that our emotions are tied in with our bodily expressions.

Religious trance is trance. Certainly a child newly born in Boston, who gets a sensation from the candle-flame which lights the bedroom, or from his diaper-pin [who] does not feel either of these objects to be situated in longitude 71 W.

Transiency —"Mystical states cannot be sustained for long. Library of America, Survival, James asserts, is merely one of many interests human beings have: Little, Brown,pp. Everywhere there is a frolic welcome to the eccentricities and extravagances of the religious life.

The Pennsylvania State University Press. A sense of the friendly continuity of the ideal power with our own life, and a willing self-surrender to its control. In this last quotation, James tackles a philosophical problem from a psychological perspective.

Cambridge, MA and London: Wilshire, Bruce,William James and Phenomenology: His prime example here is Leo Tolstoy.

William James and the Sick Soul

What is more, those who are apparently successful rarely truly feel that way: Accepts an appointment to teach full year of anatomy and physiology, but postpones teaching for a year to travel in Europe.Home James: Religious Experience» The Sick Soul.

William James: The Varieties of Religious Experience () Summary.

William James’s “Sick-Minded Soul” and the AA Recovery Paradigm: Time for a Reappraisal

The aim here is to summarise the work generally, highlighting ideas of particular interest. you should simply accept that you are a sinner and put your trust in God's mercy.

James sees healthy-mindedness as associated. In this lecture we examine some of William James’s ideas from his famous work “Varieties of Religious Experience”.

We look at his conception of religion and his interesting contrast between the healthy-minded and the sick soul. VLE Revision RS3CS – Unit 4 LMR 10/11 William James – Healthy Mindedness and the Sick Soul In his work ‘The Varieties of Religious Experience’ (), William James examined the reasons why some people seem to be happy all the time, even in.

The scholarly attention lavished on William James’ case study in the “Sick Soul” lecture in The Varieties of Religious Experienceof a man disturbed by the vision of an epileptic patient has.

William James’s “Sick-Minded Soul” and the AA Recovery Paradigm: Time for a Reappraisal Tony Bevacqua1 and Edward Hoffman2 Abstract This article focuses on William James’s influence on Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), which arose 25 years after his death to dominate alcoholism treatment.

William James: Original title: The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature, Being the Gifford Lectures on Natural Religion Delivered at Edinburgh in – "Healthy mindedness" vs. "the sick soul" James saw "healthy mindedness" as America’s main contribution to religion.

The sick soul in william james s
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