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A great way to do that is to take a little cruise. A few days later in a "pincer attack", they also sailed up the Potomac River to attack Fort Washington below the National Capital and demanded a ransom from the nearby port town of Alexandria, Virginia.

The Chesapeake Bay Program is using oysters to reduce the amount of nitrogen compounds entering the Chesapeake Bay. Until the midth century, oyster harvesting rivaled the crab industry among Chesapeake watermen, a dwindling breed whose skipjacks and other workboats were supplanted by recreational craft in the latter part of the century.

Dense stands of Brazilian waterweed can restrict water movement, trap sediment and affect water quality. In the middle of the 20th century, the Bay supported 9, full-time watermen, according to one account.

Take a look at the resources listed below for more information about travel in the Chesapeake Bay region. See our Chesapeake Bay Cruises page for details. Some may not even own their own boats, much less win regattas, but they are inexorably drawn to the Chesapeake Bay Fishing industry[ edit ] A skipjackpart of the oystering fleet in Maryland The Bay is mostly known for its seafood production, especially blue crabs, [50] clams and oysters.

With the land changing due to erosion, storms, and rising seawaters, you should visit it while you still can. All of our featured destinations are accessible by water, making them great for cruising boaters. Two interesting points that arise from comparing these two sites at opposite ends of the Bay are their tidal characteristics - semi-diurnal tide for CBBT and mixed tide for Baltimore due to resonance in the Bay - and the differences in amplitude due to dissipation in the Bay.

Various local K schools in the Maryland and Virginia region often have programs that cultivate native bay grasses and plant them in the Bay. Research into the peculiar behavior of tides both at the northern and southern extents of the Bay began in the late s.

Campgrounds Vacation Rentals Vacation rentals are an enjoyable way to get away from home while still having many of the comforts of home.

Many waterfront vacation homes in the Chesapeake Bay region have a dock, providing easy access to the water for boating, kayaking, fishing, and crabbing. Ride a passenger-only ferry to the home of the famous Smith Island Cake the state dessert and listen to the distinctive Elizabethan accents, remnants of the original English colonial settlers.

In this version, the Chesapeake Bay appears named for the first time. They are great options in the more urban areas also. Some of these include the Atlantic menhadenstriped bassAmerican eeleastern oysterand the blue crab.

Navy Commodore Joshua Barneywas assembled to stall British shore raids and attacks.

Chesapeake Bay

The water is glassy, smooth and gorgeous, his wake white against the deep blue. The city draws thousands every October with sail and power boat shows, and the rest of the year is pretty much an informal boat show down at the city dock. There are sightseeing cruises and dinner cruises available out of Norfolk and Baltimore harbors.

In the later 20th century, a series of road crossings were built.

25 Can't-Miss Things to Do Along the Chesapeake Bay

A report in suggested that information on underwater grasses would be released, because "submerged grasses provide food and habitat for a number of species, adding oxygen to the water and improving water clarity. Once on the verge of extinction, rockfish have made a significant comeback because of legislative action that put a moratorium on rockfishing, which allowed the species to re-populate.

During the year offrom their base on Tangier IslandBritish naval forces under the command of Admiral George Cockburn raided and plundered several towns on the shores of the Chesapeake, treating the Bay as if it were a "British Lake".

The plentiful oyster harvests led to the development of the skipjackthe state boat of Maryland, which is the only remaining working boat type in the United States still under sail power. Spring tides, when the sun-earth-moon system forms a line, cause the largest tidal amplitudes during lunar monthly tidal variations.

Navigation[ edit ] Lighthouses and lightships such as Chesapeake have helped guide ships into the Bay The Chesapeake Bay forms a link in the Intracoastal Waterwayof the bays, sounds and inlets between the off-shore barrier islands and the coastal mainland along the Atlantic coast connecting the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal linking the Bay to the north and the Delaware River with the Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal linking the Bay, to the south, via the Elizabeth Riverby the cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth to the Albemarle Sound and Pamlico Sound in North Carolina and further to the Sea Islands of Georgia.

I planned to spend my days boating, eating as many Chesapeake Bay blue crabs as possible and making a little study of Eastern Shore locals.There are several magazines and publications that cover topics directly related to the Chesapeake Bay and life and tourism within the Bay region.

The Capital, a newspaper based in Annapolis, reports about news pertaining to the Western Shore of Maryland and the Annapolis area. Searchable lists of Chesapeake Bay tourism offices and other helpful government agencies.

Explore destinations near Chesapeake Bay. Photo Gallery. Chesapeake Bay Links; Chesapeake Bay, Maryland Tourist Attractions Parks, Museums, Sightseeing, In Depth. Introduction Articles Where To Stay.

Lodging RV Parks Camping. Make Maryland your next dream vacation spot & explore mountains to the west and the tranquil Chesapeake Bay to the east. Discover More in MD! The cities and small towns of the Chesapeake Bay region provide a great variety of places to visit and things to do and see.'s online travel guide is the place to start your exploration of everything the Bay region has to offer. Find hotels, restaurants and things to do while planning your vacation to Chesapeake, VA.

Get a free visitor guide, too! Find fun things to do in Chesapeake, Virginia including fishing, bird watching, golfing and much more outdoor recreation. Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Airports. PDF Map. Interactive Map. Weather. Chesapeake Convention & Visitors Bureau is a division of Chesapeake Parks, Recreation & Tourism.

The chesapeake bay and tourism on
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