Teaching speaking to ethnic minority students

Field trips to museums, outdoor markets, and festivals can complement classroom activities. Allyn and Bacon, Inc. When students feel that their ethnic identity is valued, they begin to view themselves as active and confident participants in a free society. Goodyear Publishing Company, Inc.

Enrich courses in the social studies by including multiple perspectives on American culture and history, reflecting various viewpoints of different groups of Americans. Various studies have indicated that lessons about civil liberties issues and the constitutional rights of individuals can foster civic tolerance and acceptance of minority rights.

Teaching Speaking to Ethnic Minority Students of English at Hoa Binh Teachers’ Training College

Stress values of ethnic diversity and national unity. Knowledge of characteristics and needs that all human beings share can foster a sense of community among individuals of diverse ethnic identities. This is NOT a government sponsored or government sanctioned site.

Education about ethnic diversity treats cultural pluralism within a nation-state by examining variable traits of different groups religious, linguistic, culinary, artistic, etc.

By exposing students to knowledge about ethnic diversity and the contributions of various groups to our developing American civilization, educators in the social studies may change negative ethnic group stereotypes, reduce intolerance, and enhance cooperation for the common good.

Education about achievements of Americans of various ethnic groups can enhance the self-concepts of students who identify with these groups. Individuals of various minority groups may maintain their ethnic identities while sharing a common culture with Americans from many different ethnic backgrounds.

By asking for cooperation from students, parents, and the local community, teachers can develop numerous educational resources. Similarly, a valid course in government must include content about civic responsibilities, rights, and liberties of ethnic minorities and constitutional issues about application of these values in specific situations.

Provide opportunities for students to have positive interpersonal relations with individuals of various ethnic groups. By teaching all students about the constitutional rights and liberties of individuals of various ethnic identities, educators in the social studies can promote support for the American ideal of majority rule with protection of minority rights Patrick, A major tenet of education in a free society is acceptance of cultural pluralism as a national strength rather than an obstacle.

Core subjects of the social studies, such as history, geography, government, and civics, should include lessons on ethnic diversity in the United States and elsewhere.

Teaching about Ethnic Diversity. Historian John Higham uses the term "pluralistic integration" to describe an educational approach that "will uphold the validity of a common culture to which all individuals have access while sustaining the efforts of minorities to preserve and enhance their own integrity How do educators depict accurately and fairly the rich ethnic diversity of the United States and also teach core values of a common American heritage?

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During this century, the ethnic mixture of the United States has become increasingly varied, a trend that continues today with waves of new immigration from Asia and Latin America.AVID "untracks" low-achieving ethnic and language-minority students by placing both low- and high-achieving students in the same rigorous academic program.

Students are taught explicitly how to study, how to work with teachers, and how to write college applications. Sincethe government has devoted HK$ million (US$25 million) a year on two funding schemes to teach children from an ethnic minority background Chinese as a second language, and boost their skills so they are on par with their peers who speak fluent Cantonese.

This study aims to find out the problems in teaching speaking skill to ethnic minority students of English at Hoa Binh Teachers' Training College. Then, based on the characteristics and the real condition, the author suggested some solutions to. diagnose ethnic minority students as learning disabled, and it is not always feasible to reduce conflicts by matching teachers’ and students’ cultural backgrounds.

By teaching all students about the constitutional rights and liberties of individuals of various ethnic identities, educators in the social studies can promote support for the American ideal of majority rule with protection of minority rights (Patrick, ). An approach to teaching language-minority students for most of the day in their native languages and later make the transition to English is a.

native-language emphasis. B) sheltered-English approach.

Chapter Diverse Teaching Strategies for Diverse Learners

C) ESL. D) sheltered-native language approach.

Teaching speaking to ethnic minority students
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