Tamazight writing a cover

For one thing, I am under the impression that all Berber literature of the Middle Ages was in the Arabic script. This comes from an unsourced statement on the current revision of the Atlas languages article.

For reference, the statement was added by User: Last night I read the Inalco source which was interesting and I thought some of that information could be brought into the article in greater detail. The article about Adrian of Canterbury tamazight writing a cover that there must have been some monastic activities which would have included a scriptorium and Latin orthography.

Also, the Arabic tamazight writing a cover could be developed more as well to indicate the history of the Arabic orthography. I suggest removing or rewriting from scratch the entirety of "History", almost all of "Official status" and "Orthography", and most of "Geographic distribution" and "Status", as properly belonging in an article on Berber in general, not on Middle Atlas Tamazight.

The rest looks great, apart from the conflation of Ait Seghrouchen and South Oran into Central Atlas; since Abdel-Massih makes the same mistake, the bits citing him might need to be checked to confirm that they refer to Ayt Ayache rather than Ayt Seghrouchen.

Another confound is that many sources treat all Berber dialects as a single language, making it difficult to figure out whether "Tamazight" writing and "Tamazight" in France and Algeria are really the Tamazight we are interested in.

No one in these discussions reports ever hearing it used. The placement of the sentence is the issue, in my view. I have reorganized the paragraphs slightly to mirror the article, and also to set up how I envision the lead to be once the article is finished.

Which do you prefer, a delinked lead, or a delinked body? There is also a long pagan history in the Carthaginian period.

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As for the applicability of a single label, I should be more specific. Reading the dialect section, in my view, it would be better if developed more: Footnote 17 stills shows an error -- ref missing. In my opinion, this is an important detail if true, because of the great confusion surrounding the classification of Berber dialects.

However, this brings up a good point. For a start, it seems to be based on the false premise taken from the Ethnologue, no doubt that the Zenati varieties "South Oran" ksours sud-oranais and northern Ait Seghrouchen belong to Central Atlas Tamazight.


RSand WP: Or shall I decide and forge ahead? That, of course, is one of the problems with content forks. Now all we need are sources! If not, then asking for a translator is the next step.

Again, really interesting subject and a good article.

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If you feel like another big job, it might be worth putting some of those examples into a new article on Ait Seghrouchen Berber. I deleted it because the sentence was in two places: My advice is to fill in the content a bit: Leave the lead as is; Trim the lead and then expand again when the article is finished.

I suppose "like language B belongs to X language family " or "belongs to the same linguistic family as language B" are the most user friendly ways to put it.

In addition, the wiki article says unreferenced though that "the version below has been widely used, particularly in Kabyle publishing, for several decades.

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Sorry if I messed up anything you were working on above. Do you think it would make sense to enlist the aid of a French-speaker to answer some of these tricky questions?

In my view, this is a good article, and deserves to be brought to GA status.Transliteration system: ALA-LC. ALA-LC is a set of standards for the romanization, or representation of texts in other writing systems using the Latin alphabet. More Information on US Peace Corps Tamazight Courses Peace Corps- Tamazight Language Lessons COURSE OVERVIEW The Tamazight course is designed Location: 90 Canal Street, Boston,MA.

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Tamazight is the Berber name of the Berber languages or dialects. This is a family of similar and closely related languages and dialects indigenous to North Africa. In this dictionary you will find Riffian words.

Tamazight writing a cover
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