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I think that people make recommendations for high priced products they never really gained any ACTUAL value from for two reasons: Your theory rings true as it combines the perception of value related to cost and the need to defend that position after you have made the investment.

People became conditioned to relying on personal testimonials prior to a major purchase. The secret Sauce of Rosetta Stone… can it be replicated? Rosetta Stone opens up your world. Here is an additional recommendation from Yahoo! But perhaps, this behavior is explainable.

Sure it can… but if they are in fact first to market it will be a tough sell to consumers who buy product based on recommendations from individual networks not only to contest with a company that spends so much money sales in marketing.

Once it disappoints us, we want to tell the world! The same is true for food, toiletries, services, etc… But, when a one-time, major purchase is imminent, then the rules change. For more information please visit: The funny thing is… after reading your post I asked him: It is then significant that users assume it all on themselves- especially in a day and age of passing the buck.

Split-second, blink decisions may have different findings than long term committments diets, workouts, learning a language. Our Insight Our work carried us across North America, Europe and Asia to better understand the cultural norms and motivations around language learning.

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It sounds like this example is the tip of a gigantic iceberg. Improved conversion rate and broader reach. And yet I diverged from your observations. Tinachesh Casey, this is an interesting and well thought out theory that I think may have some roots to it. Worth a collegiate study maybe.

Best interview ever, for me anyways. Speaking a new language is considered a gateway to understanding culture and making deeper interpersonal connections.

New, smaller airport kiosks were developed to attract a tech savvy audience. As the leading language-learning software in the world, Rosetta Stone makes learning a new language second nature.

Maybe a bigger carrot should be held up to get people onboard and to stay onboard. Or to put it on a resume? The requirement Based on their business challenges Rosetta Stone decided to conduct a Request for Proposal RFP process in early to select a single payment vendor that would provide scalability and flexibility, who: Now, people are searching for product endorsements on the internet.

As for language-learning software, the price of TL was significantly cheaper and the features worked well with my daughters style of learning. They blown everyone out of the water. This international expansion started in when Rosetta Stone set up a UK website.

Your comments are valued on this and future posts!Rosetta Stone Case Study. Topics: Stock market Rosetta Stone Inc. Changing The Way People Learn Languages Peter Bussa MGMT 1.

Rosetta Stone has been one of the leading language learning companies and software’s on the market. Many competitors have not been able to enter into markets due to the strategic planning it takes to decide. Rosetta Stone EBITDA [case Exh. 6 $ million K12 Inc. EV/EBITDA ratio [case Exh.

9] times Implied Rosetta Stone enterprise value $ million Current Rosetta Stone debt [case Exh. 6] $ million Implied equity value $ million. Reimagining A Brand. To own this new positioning, we reinvented the entire Rosetta Stone brand experience.

We refreshed the brand’s look and feel with an updated identity that retains Rosetta Stone’s built-in brand equity.

Case Study: Rosetta Stone V. Google

Rosetta Stone Case Study In: Business and Management Submitted By uofm Words Pages 6. I. Tom Adams, president and CEO of Rosetta Stone, Inc. (Rosetta Stone), the language learning software company, reached for his iPhone to contact Phil Clough of private equity fund ABS Capital.

Adams and Clough had been discussing plans to take. Case Study: Rosetta Stone Client Fairfield Language Technologies publishes Rosetta Stone, revolutionary CD-ROM and online language-learning software acclaimed for its. In Rosetta Stone’s case, this capital can be used to fund a move into a different market or Documents Similar To Rosetta Stone Case Study.

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Rosetta stone inc case study
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