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Science in Transition In the past, our scientific methods and institutions have tended to emphasize the study of individual natural processes rather than systems, analysis more than synthesis, and understanding nature more than predicting its behaviour.

Vikararn Sarabhai, whose 90th birth anniversary was observed in August As part of its programme for peaceful uses of atomic energy, India has also embarked on a program of nuclear power generation.

Information technology in Pakistan The rapid progress made by Pakistan in the IT and telecom sector duringunder Professor Atta-ur-Rahman FRS as Federal Minister, led to the spread of internet from 29 cities in the year to 1, cities, towns and villages byand the spread of fiber from 40 cities to cities in this period.

The Indian achievement in the application of space-based remote sensing technology has led a US company to enter into an agreement for marketing the data from Indian satellites globally. Indian substitutes Role of scientific technology essay to be found for imported materials and processes had to be developed which would use these materials in place of imported ones.

Science has provided us remarkable insights into the world we live in. Major experimental facilities, even in several areas of basic research, require very large amount of materials, human and intellectual resources.

National resources are augmented by the substitution of cheap and abundant materials for those in scarce supplies and by finding uses for materials, which have remained un-utilized, prior to independence, very little attention was given to the problem of scientific and industrial research in India.

In order to improve the power of science and technology in India, Indian government has made Council of Scientific and Industrial Research in the year and Board of Scientific and Industrial Research in the year Science Policy and Ethics Scientific advances are never, in themselves, a guarantee of social benefit.

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At the same time, the mass media and specialized educators should be enlisted to help train scientists or their spokespersons in the fundamentals of public communication and to familiarize them with the expectations and operating parameters of the mass media. But its scientific needs are met almost entirely by the work of semiconductor scientists and engineers working in the plants and laboratories of the semiconductor companies.

And in many instances, science has focussed on short-term, small-scale problems, often in monodisciplinary mode, rather than on long-term, large-scale or integrated problems. Pakistan Educational Research Network was set up in through which one of the finest digital libraries was established in universities.

The ongoing globalization and the intensely competitive environment have a significant impact on the production and service sectors. Our success on Antarctica speaks volumes of our scientific genius and technological wisdom in the field. Biotechnology is now in this stage.

In a report published by Thomson Reuters init has been concluded that the rate of increase of highly cited papers in international journals from Pakistan is higher than that from Brazil, Russia, India or China [55].

In part, this stems from the belief by some individuals and communities that they will be the ones to suffer the indirect negative consequences of technical innovations introduced to benefit only a privileged minority.

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A holistic approach also demands that science draw on the contributions of the humanities such as history and philosophylocal knowledge systems, aboriginal wisdom, and the wide variety of cultural values.

With the testing of these atomic devices, Pakistan became the seventh nuclear power in the world, and the only Muslim-majority country to have mastered the technology. The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.

Abdus Salam — honored in for outstanding contribution in developing the Pakistan science. Countries and communities should be fairly compensated for their contribution of plant genetic resources that lead to commercially profitable technologies.

In the field of missile launch technology, India is among the five top nations of the world. We have carried out two underground nuclear tests at Pokharan in Rajasthan. Science is largely responsible for a growing public awareness that people share the planet with all other living creatures, that the environment which supports all life is subject to change, and that human activities are presently changing this environment and threaten to change it seriously.

It will be a befitting tribute to the father of the Indian space program, Dr. For every nation to get developed, the application of both science and technology has to go hand in hand. By the 21st century, with the right applications of research, development, and implications of science and technology a major difference could be brought about.

New inventions in the field of science and technology are very necessary in such a modern world for a country to be strong and well developed country than other countries. But science and technology has also been abused by many people.

Importance of Science and Technology in National Development – Essay

It is being brought into the mainstream of economic planning in the sectors of agriculture, industry and services.

Emissions and effluents of contaminated materials continue, waste disposal plagues urban areas, forests continue to be devastated, and biodiversity losses are growing. However, much of the expansion is occurring in just a handful of scientifically advanced countries. Public debate on the dangers of "consumptive" lifestyles typical of the industrialized countries, needs to be reactivated.

Environmental Protection Over the past two decades, the United States has recognized and has made substantial progress in curbing the degradation of the environment.

The Scientific Policy Resolution of and the Technology Policy Statement of enunciated the principles on which die growth of science and technology in India has been based over the past several decades.Science and technology have been an integral part of Indian civilisation and culture over the past several millennia.

Few are aware that India was the fountainhead of important foundational scientific developments and approaches.

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Free sample essay on Scientific and Technological Development in India (Free to read). The modern age is the age of science, technology, knowledge and information. All these are the interrelated and different aspects of the same thing. Representatives of the scientific and engineering communities have attempted to understand that new framework and to describe ways in which science and technology can respond to it.

The result is the report Science, Technology, and the Federal Government, which proposes a renewed and strengthened covenant between science.

The Role of Science and Technology in Society and Governance. Toward a New Contract between Science and Society and there is a lower level of access to and public understanding of scientific information and technology.

The North-South knowledge gap is viewed by some as the most pressing social and economic aspects. The importance of digital technology in life. Print Reference this.

Published: 23rd March, the matters about digital exclusion broaden far-off than ensuring access to internet albeit with the increasing role of the internet in daily life, an analysis of utilizing the opportunities offered by the internet is of fundamental significance.

Essay on Women in Science and Technology. The era of globalization and rapid technological development has changed people’s lives dramatically. Science and technology play an extremely important role in the contemporary society. Government in developed and developing countries recognize the importance of the development of .

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