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Another core theoretical assumption of psychosynthesis is the belief that out of every crisis or challenge, something new is seeking to emerge that will lead us on to the path of growth and transformation.

The overall process of psychosynthesis can be divided into two stages: Ultimately, these stages are designed to help clients discover the deep core of who they really are. This previous work has lead her to deal with behavioural issues, child psychiatric issues, anorexia, drug and alcohol misuse problems, family breakdown and support.

This means the client is able to identify and establish control over these aspects of their being, which enables them to attain a higher level of functioning in terms of their work, relationships and other areas of life that are meaningful to them.

This enables them to discover enhanced creativity, a high level of spirituality, and an expanded state of consciousness. The personal stage involves the healing and integration of aspects of the personality and the personal self through the process of self-actualisation. She has a wealth of experience in parenting support and skills.

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Prior to this Lorraine worked as a Social Care Worker and Senior Social Care Worker for over six years since with children and families in the care system.

She accepts a message, email or phone call. This paves the way for inspiration and creativity towards a brighter future.

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They aim to help clients find a new sense of direction that provides a source of empowerment even after periods of suffering. She is committed to assisting you in your journey away from the pain, struggle and internal conflict when you decide that peace, harmony and contentment are what you want from life.

This process is enhanced when a client learns to cooperate, and feels confident accessing every part of their being - letting their inner self work freely.

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Psychosynthesis techniques Driving this process forward is a diverse range of techniques drawn from other therapeutic approaches. The second stage - transpersonal psychosynthesis - involves the self-realisation part of therapy, in which the client establishes contact with their deepest callings and desired goals in life.

Therapists will also ensure the techniques used will address the client as a whole - helping them to identify, understand, and accept each layer of their inner selves, as one-by-one they are revealed.

How psychosynthesis could help Theories of psychosynthesis The practice of psychosynthesis is based on the idea that every person only uses a small part of their potential and Psychosynthesis therapists dublin we are all capable of leading fulfilling lives.

You are welcome to contact Lorraine. Lorraine is aware of the difficult challenges life can conjure, the dark hole that can appear to be too difficult to transcend and how withdrawal can seem like the only option.

By achieving alignment with the transpersonal self, the client can access their inner guidance and wisdom. Lorraine engaged in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention training for over six years. Lorraine believes the very essence of her work lies in the relationship that develops where a trusting, therapeutic alliance infiltrates a space for change and healing.

Within the psychosynthesis framework, methods most commonly used will include: Rather than giving advice, they will aim to assist and guide their client through exploration and discovery - helping them to find their own solutions to the particular challenges they are faced with.

By working through these challenges, clients can rediscover inner resources and strengths, which will help to aid personal growth and development.Therapists in psychosynthesis counselling work to establish a specific relationship with their clients and will draw on a range of diverse techniques to guide them through the process of self-actualisation and self-realisation.

Lorraine integrates Person-Centred, CBT and Psychosynthesis approaches in her work. Lorraine attained a Graduate Diploma in Humanistic and Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy at Turning Point Training Institute in DúnLaoraighe/Dublin City University.

Carlow Psychotherapy Therapists - This page displays the Counsellors, therapists and Psychotherapists who work at Carlow Psychotherapy. Oct 04,  · Psychosynthesis dublin. confidential and individual counselling and psychotherapy service to clients in the dublin therapy centre is based in quiet premises in Psychosynthesis dublin – Psychosynthesis dublin.

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Ireland's only counselling, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis clinic with all therapists trained to masters level at a minimum. Call today for. Ireland's only counselling, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis clinic with all therapists trained to masters level at a minimum.

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Psychosynthesis therapists dublin
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