Poetry ideas to write about

Always On My Mind: It can be incredibly funny speed dating? Well fuck them because we are masters of prose and poetic tools. I know that feeling. Script out the story first, then put it in slam poem form — you can use this guide to help. How about instructions for a relationship?

I never want you to run out of great ideas! Make each line about different people you have met but lost contact with over the years. What human characteristics were roadblocks?

What would it be like if you felt like someone was watching you but no one believed you? You can choose any name, but think of notable figures or celebrities who share a common first name, and combine their personalities and physical characteristics into one piece of poetry.

How much more perfect could it be - for a poem? What audience enjoys reading the type of poetry you like to write? Locked in a Jar: Use an earthquake reference or metaphor in your poem. Can you trust someone you have doubted in the past?

Topics & Ideas for Writing Slam Poems

Open up a newspaper or news website, and create inspired by the first news article you find. Create a descriptive poem about something that has a soft glow or sheen to it. In case you missed it or want to see even more ideas for slam poem topics, you can check out these three previous posts: Use your feelings about sweaters in a poem.

Talk about your greatest struggles with time management and organization. Just make sure it has rhythm.

12 Ideas for Poem Themes

Pretend you are a detective and you have to narrow down the suspects. What are they doing? Essays, journal entries, short stories, and flash fiction are just a few examples of ways this list can be used.

Write a poem that includes the motion of going up or down a staircase Write a poem where you tell someone they are wrong and why. Past relationships Broken heartlove gone bad or just childhood memories.

Your poems should be able to take people for a ride by conveying a strong lesson or message, teaching something, or bringing reality into perspective.Ever had trouble coming up with a theme? Here are 12 great ideas to write your next poetry about.

Sep 06,  · How to Write a Poem. Writing a poem is all about observing the world within or around you. A poem can be about anything, from love to 77%().

Topics & Ideas for Writing Slam Poems I’ve probably stated this before, but coming up with a captivating topic that leads to a great story for your slam poem is not easy Slam poems have to be gripping – they need to win the audience’s attention up front and then not let up (for 3 minutes).

Here are lots of poem starters that you can use for your own poetry writing. (If you're looking for story starters instead, click here).

At the bottom of the page, you'll find links to more pages with creative writing ideas. Write a simple color poem. (The Measured Mom) Write a “never” poem. (The Write Shop) Write an acrostic name poem. (Mama Smiles) How to write haiku (article by poet Bob Raczka, poet and author of one of my favorite Haiku books, GUYKU: A Year of Haiku for Boys.

Via Imagination Soup) Write a riddle poem. (Imagination Soup) Write poetry. Watch an animal and write a poem about what it looks like and what it does.

Smell different spices in your kitchen and write about the memories that they inspire. Look through old family photographs and choose some to write poems about. Go on a "field trip" -- a museum, the zoo, a greenhouse -- to hunt for poetry ideas.

Poetry ideas to write about
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