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Cousin of the better known African elephant that resides in the savannah, the smaller African forest elephant is another important creature that calls the Ituri rainforest home. Animals are not the only creatures roaming the Ituri forest. Some of these include the long-tailed hawk and spot-breasted ibis.

They are known as a very clean forest animal. As they admire and learn about okapis, we believe they will want to help protect the animals and their forest home.

References ACF Okapi conservation project. The Ituri consists of lowland tropical forests as well as canopied rainforests that harbor an array of flora and fauna found nowhere else Jenike, But this just seems to be the tip of the iceberg; there is a staggering 1, species of plants and animals.

The influx of humans into the area disturbs an ecosystem that struggles to survive. A number of okapis in zoos exhibit monosomya condition in which one copy of a chromosome is missing. Illegal logging is also taking its toll. Known for its civil and tribal conflict the Democratic Republic of the Congo is also known for the Okapi Wildlife reserve.

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Some animals, however; they will not hunt due to spiritual beliefs. By virtue of being an official wildlife reserve as well as its inclusion among the top five sites on the List of World Heritage in Danger along with the Virunga, Garamba, Kahuzi-Biega and Salonga national parks the Okapi Wildlife Reserve expects an array of measures and directives from the international community as well as private conservation groups designed to protect its resources Kuntz, These forest types are all located in and around the reserve creating a sight to behold.

Field observations indicate that their mineral and salt requirements are filled primarily by a sulfurousslightly salty, reddish clay found near rivers and streams.

To stave off runing of endangered species. Our researchers then recorded our okapis around the clock to find out why they use these low-pitched calls.

They are most commonly found in the Wamba and Epulu areas. At present there are only about 79 okapi in zoos around the world, 41 of which are in U. For the first time, people on that continent who visit that zoo can actually see these amazing animals.

The undertaking caputs know that saving attempts need so much support from outside groups and in this respect.

Despite the fact that its elusiveness may have contributed to its preservation, continued intrusion into its only known habitat will certainly reduce its numbers.Final project: The wildlife preserve should be given more funding is the Okapi Wildlife Reserve. It's location on the Democratic Republic of Congo, and has diverse group of organisms.

The home to the rare Okapi that are numbered at about 30, The reserve also has hippos and plant life, which has. The Wildlife Conservation Society is also active in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve.

Okapi Wildlife Reserve

In June and September scientists reported evidence of surviving okapis in Congo's Virunga National Park. These were the first official okapi sightings in that park sinceafter nearly half a century. Okapi Wildlife Reserve Essay Sample. Abstract.

Okapi Reserve

The Okapi Wildlife Reserve was given its official protected status in and covers 8, square miles of the Ituri rainforest’ssquare kilometers in the troubled Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Okapi Wildlife Reserve was given its functionary protected position in and covers 8.

square stat mis of the Ituri rainforest’s square kilometres in the troubled Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Preserve The Forests Essays: OverPreserve The Forests Essays, Preserve The Forests Term Papers, Preserve The Forests Research Paper, Book Reports.

The Okapi Wildlife Reserve

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access Order plagiarism free custom written essay The Okapi Wildlife Reserve The Okapi Wildlife Reserve. The Okapi Wildlife Reserve is a remarkable sanctuary for the okapi and many other endangered animals.

Sometimes the okapi is referred to as the forest giraffe. Despite its zebra like appearance the okapi is the only kin to the giraffe.

Okapi wildlife reserve essay
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