Mcdonald case study 3 essay

In China, a rise of new middle classes and its single-child family policy accelerate the expansion of McDonalds chain, which is also caused by a rise in the amount of money and attention lavished on children.

The plagiarism of McDonalds idea and strategies done by the competitors is also considered as a critical threat.

Even if McDonalds starts declining, the strategies used by McDonalds will never be forgotten since they are one of the most prominent and effective management strategies ever to have been established. It facilitates customer rotation within shops and enables cost-saving shop keepings.

By implementation of its strategies, McDonalds will seek markets mainly in developing countries as its markets in developed countries are mostly saturated. Secondly, resources that McDonalds acquires are well-known brand name, distinguishingly unique, safe and nutritious food, an abundant workforce supply due to its relatively easy manual work, and its strong franchising management system.

The another eminent strategy introduced by McDonalds is self-service. McDonalds is no longer small company, which is always influenced by the environment it is given but conversely, it can change and influence the environment itself.

As stated above, McDonalds Mcdonald case study 3 essay achieved to build its powerful brand name over years and its trust, reputation and core customers are considered as precious assets of the company.

But McDonalds will probably change the strategies or its targeted customers in order to survive. There is a big concern for franchisees of McDonalds in China i.

Those who care for health and weight may try to avoid McDonalds due to its junk food preconception. Above all, it is most likely that McDonalds current objective is to acquire the market share and pursue further establishment and standardization of its strong brand image.

McDonald’s Case Study Essay Sample

But more importantly, an ease of access reasonable part-time workforce specializing manual work, the fact that it only needs limited ingredients available everywhere such as potato, chicken, etc should be remarked. According to the case study, McDonalds ought to be considered not only as an outstanding international mega-hamburger chain but also as a representative of the cultural message transmitted through Hollywood and other American culture.

A huge customer capacity and its fast rotation generate a massive amount of sales in a short time.

The author points out that even though McDonalds franchises outside the United States are mostly operated and managed by non-American franchisees, its distinguishing double arches of McDonalds always represent the United States of America as Stars and Stripes does.

Whats McDonalds current mission, objectives and strategies Every organization holds its own mission, objectives and strategies so does McDonalds. As noticed above, single-child policy and a rise of middle classes and a collapse of outdated Confucian family system resulted from rapid expansion of McDonalds in China.

SWOT analysis is useful to identify a strategic niche that the organization might exploit. McDonalds stunning strategy is not only exclusive in its franchise but also its unique management system. The detail is explained afterwards. This can differentiate McDonalds from other fast food chains.

According to the case study, McDonalds today has more than outlets in countries, and most of the corporations revenues now come from operations outside the United states, and a new restaurant opens somewhere in the world every 17 hours.

Another environmental threat is its food safety. Positive American image is one of the positive external environmental factors. The external environment seems to be best-suited to MacDonalds. McDonalds proudly shows its highly guaranteed food quality management. Analysing the environment is a critical component of the strategy process since successful companies have a strategy that aligns well with the environment.

Being a representative of American cultural imperialism can be harmful when a strong Anti-Americanism outbreaks outside the U. According to the environment and resources noticed above, the organisations opportunities are determined.

Especially, in a developing country such as China, the radical social change can be an opportunity for McDonalds. Mad Cow disease and Foot and Mouth disease caused a slaughter of thousands of livestock in Europe.

Lastly, the evaluation of results carried out by the organization concludes this paper.McDonald's Corporation is the world's largest chain of fast food restaurants, serving about 47 million customers daily through more than 33, restaurants in countries worldwide.

Mcdonalds Case Study McDonald's Operation in South Africa A Case Study Abstract: The case focuses on the strategies adopted by the world's leading fast food restaurant chain, McDonalds Corporation (McDonald's) in South Africa.

Mcdonald's Case Study Essay - McDonald's Corporation: Case Study McDonald's Corporation is the largest fast-food operator in the World and was originally formed in after Ray Kroc pitched the idea of opening up several restaurants based on the original owned by Dick and Mac McDonald.

Week 3 Assignment 1: McDonald’s Case Study HRM Talent Management Strayer University July 21, Dr. Robert D.

"Doug" Waldo, SPHR For most of its fifty-four years of existence, McDonald’s has been very successful in growing its business while being able to utilize a decentralized approach to managing its global workforce. McDonald’s Case Study Analysis.

Read the case study excerpt titled “Employer branding at McDonald’s: Redefining McJobs.” From the case, compose a short essay that draws out the significant steps that McDonald’s has taken to bring about.

McDonald’s Case Study Essay Sample. This paper analyses possible development in McDonalds future based on the strategic appreciation using SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and .

Mcdonald case study 3 essay
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