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I was hoping to do something with the late A. When can we expect to see that available? It is jah shaka editing services, at least to me, that there was a deep respect and reverence from all involved. I always had a list of projects — still do — and over the years, many others arrived in the course of things.

When did it become a serious endeavor for you?

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I actually preferred jazz, blues, soul to ska, — although I did like the jazzy instrumentals. Even the Heart Of the Congos is ok!!

Masta Selecta & Reggae Resurrecta: Steve Barrow and the Rise and Fall of Blood & Fire

I soon got a huge number of records from junk shops at that time, at prices ranging from 1 penny up to 10 pence, in other words, for peanuts! Who picked what would be included and what would be left on the cutting room floor so to speak?

Also, the prince Far-I albums are priceless.

Find out more about Steve Barrow and the Blood and Fire label here: Apparently, as Harding later related it to me, they were sitting around bemoaning the lack of quality reggae reissues on CD.

Album Cover Art, and Reggae Soundsystem: Great shop by the way. Is there a story behind that pressing? Did this come from you guys? When Rae or Lepke had a day off, I covered for them. After leaving school in I worked in various jobs, returned to full-time educationstudying Graphic Design at East Ham College Of Technology The conventional music business people were certainly not interested in starting a reggae reissue label.

Any that you are disappointed in?

I love the I-Roy set, a truly unforgettable man. For the next couple of years, Simons and me were friends, hanging out and going on expeditions to find secondhand records all over London.

Pablo, but sadly he died before we could settle anything. But I was never a conscientious designer. We were off and running.Jah Shaka, London-based reggae artist and soundsystem operator Jahshaka, open source film editing software This disambiguation page lists.

Kabaka Pyramid

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Insights about Digital Marketing Intern - Bristol members on LinkedIn. Top companies Sales Assistant at Jah Shaka Surf. Keron Salmon, known by his fans as Kabaka Pyramid, is an ever-evolving artist that has numerous ways of expressing his creativity.

The ability to watch and learn from others around him has made him into somewhat of a Jack-of-all-trades. Jahshaka is a OpenGL based video and film compositing, editing, special fx, image processing, paint and CG application that renders totally in hardware, giving users the speed and power previously attainable only on hundred thousand dollar systems.

Aug 30,  · Download Jahshaka for free. Cross platform Virtual Reality authoring and playback.

Jahshaka is bringing you the future of immersive digital content creation. It combines a virtual desktop with a powerful asset management system and a immersive 3d content creation engine with full VR support/5(12). Ultimate list of Free VST plug-ins to use in (42+ VSTi & 34 VSTfx) Emulates the sounds of those selfmade siren units used by Dub and Reggae Sound Systems like Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti and countless others.

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Jah shaka editing services
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