How to start your own pole dancing business plan

Or do you just love pole dance? I know a couple of places that lasted just six months. Pole dancing is an increasingly growing art form and new opportunities are opening up for us every day that allow us to live life doing what we love.

How to Start a Pole Dancing Business

Watch these sites online for a few months and take note of how quickly they get snapped up. That will require some money up front. We work so they can play. Physical Rhythm was a dance tuition business that she ran and operated for 7 years before selling it to move into the world of pole dancing.

And there are plenty more challenges to come! Could you consistently fill one class per hour? Marketing is not cheap. From the flooring to the clothes and shoes on the racks. Make sure to invest in some high-quality materials.

None of that stuff is cheap and most landlords will not be fronting the cost for you. First up, you have to find the space.

It happens all too often. Anastacia Snelleksz is the owner and franchisor of Pole Princess studios, which was founded in Yoga or pilates insurance will not cover you!

10 Critical Steps to Becoming a Successful Pole Dance Studio Owner

Take your time and write a good business plan. Did I miss anything? Is it because you just love to dance? Maybe your motivation is to make a career out of doing something you love.

I have not owned my own small business but I have watched a number of close friends try to do it, and I have watched them struggle. So, do your sums. If you have any experience with opening a studio, please leave some advice for those who may be starting their new adventure soon!

Time to sit back, relax, have a drink and open your doors. The Moment of Glory Build complete? You need to enjoy teaching before you start doing it. If you can think of some costs not on this list, please leave a comment. Where does the drive come from?

Instead, start to research the best suburbs to open your business. You googled a few studios, explored some websites… maybe you even contacted a couple before eventually deciding on the one you would try. You will also most likely need a business license from the city in which your business will be opened.

Pole studios have been opening and closing at an alarming rate. I could be completely wrong and welcome an explanation from someone who might understand it better.

Rent will probably be one of your largest expenses. As you build strong relationships with your neighbors, that can bring in business as well.Ever thought about opening your own pole studio?

Ever wondered what the challenges might be? Veteran studio owner and accountant Tina Moran from Chic Physique Studios in Maryland gives us the scoop on the business side of pole. So You Wanna Open a Pole Dance Studio? by Anastacia Snelleksz.

5 Steps to Start a Pole Dancing Fitness Business

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Ok. So a few years ago you decided to try pole dancing, as you heard it was a great way to have fun. Unless you’re a talented pole dancing fitness instructor, you’re going to need to find trainers for your business.

This is no different than starting a yoga studio or starting a personal training business; you need trainers and you’ll have to pay. It is our plan to incorporate the existing dance community into our studio to begin with a strong base of supporters.

From there we will be able to spread the word that dancing is a fun and exciting way to spend time/5(39). If you are currently interested in opening your own studio or business in pole or sensual movement and want more information on future trainings, blog post and videos about topics and FAQ's around starting your own studio, get on my Smart Start Studio Owner mailing list HERE!

In I was busy moving into our current East 5th Street studio. Make a business plan Make a feasible business plan for your pole dancing business. Be careful while formulating your business plan and cover every aspect of your business cautiously.

You must estimate the equipment, all the necessary things/services you have to buy and the expenses you must incur to operate your business.

How to start your own pole dancing business plan
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