How to remove terrorism

This thinking was not prevalent How to remove terrorism the time of the Prophet Muhammad. It is also equally the duty of the government of Pakistan to take some substantial amount of step to remove terrorism from this land. Every country is doing something to kill terrorism.

If we can remove black money from this world and reduce poverty, terrorism disappears. To become an Ambassador of Peace write to us. This non-emotional thinking helps him to understand that if he were to walk out of the point of controversy he would find all other paths open to him.

What is water for tree of terrorism? Their activities cannot run longer only with fear factor. It is not only the role of media and government, army an citizens but it is also the duty and foremost job of intelligence agencies to come up with sound deductions that how they can remove and destroy the networks of these terrorists.

And this starting point is the re-engineering of minds of individuals by taking them away from the culture of violence and bringing them closer to the culture of peace. Along with all these people, there is one more category of people who work as manpower.

People rarely obey only with fear. Constructive Role of Media: After the holocaust, Japan abandoned violence and adopted a peaceful course, which it termed as a reverse course for its national development.

Our Message Solution to Terrorism People the world over are trying to find a solution to terrorism. Taking a U-turn, he abandoned the violent method and opted for a peaceful course of action for the freedom movement.

Which will you choose? In each major step of our lives, we all face this crossroads. It forgets the fact that the tree is huge and spread across many countries. But what was in effect a year no-war pact, gave the Prophet an opportunity to work uninterruptedly on a constructive programme which would otherwise have been impossible.

The Ideology of Violence The ideology behind present-day terrorism is that, Islam being a political system, it is the duty of all Muslims to establish Islamic rule in the world. If army is destroying their networks physically and they are fighting on the battle grounds then media should also take the initiative and they too can kill these terrorists into their own minds.

It is like water for a tree. If law and order situation will be improved in Pakistan and proper check and balance will be maintained in each and every hook and corner of Pakistan then terrorists will not be getting any single chance to carry on their killing activities. The only option or choice is whether we will grow consciously and joyously or unconsciously and painfully.

One pertains to the American campaign against Communist Russia and the other refers to the American campaign against Saddam-led Iraq. The fertilizers to this tree are poverty, poor people or hungry people who can do anything for food. If we look at the incident of Malala Yousafzai and Aetzaaz Ahsan then we can deduce this result how brave they were, if we will be giving such kind of examples like the way they have given then one day, this ogre of terrorism will be removed from this land.Ideally Defense minister is not directly responsible to remove Terrorism.

The job falls under home ministry portfolio.

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However as a Defense Minister I would have ensured that our security forces should be given advanced weapons, equipment and most importantly full backup from ministry to take any action against terrorists/naxalites. Don't Remove Sudan From the Terrorism List More Sudanese members of the Rapid Support Forces, a paramilitary force backed by the Sudanese government, ride in the back of a Toyota pickup truck.

Jan 09,  · Removing terrorism is an equally utopian concept that's not much different from eliminating poverty, equalizing opportunities and the like. The thing is, we can postulate hundreds of theories to wipe out this pressing international problem, but terrorism has already embedded itself into the heart of society.

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It is seen that media can far play a very strong and constructive role in removing this menace of terrorism. It is witnessed that at times media pave ways to promote terrorism, they air the torn and burnt bodies of the affected victims and this airing tells the viewer that how strong these terrorists are!

Apr 04,  · How to Help Stop Terrorism Three Parts: Recognizing Potential Threats Informing the Authorities Improving Social Conditions Community Q&A Fighting terrorism may seem like an overwhelming concept, but every private citizen can 65%(51). Terrorism can be seen as a virus in the world body.

The U.S. and other nations are attempting to solve the terrorist problem by trying to eliminate all of its manifestations around the world.

How to remove terrorism
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