High school and smart lazy students

It would be free of course, and I have so much more that I would like to write about. It also forced me to schedule my time better. I went through periods in college and still do where I will have a ton of work and not so much. I had a job that was basic grunt work for a construction company.

Not an engineering or mathematics degree, but still something I can hold my head high about. You need to test yourself write out questions and then answers. Get a shitty Job - Now this one is more geared towards students rather than people who have graduated and gotten a degree, but some principles still apply.

Not the worst job in the world, but something I did not want to find myself doing for the rest of my life. You have no excuse if you want to get fit. I want to add sometimes you can get a different perspective on things googling your topic and watching YouTube videos.

I would see him just staring at his notes reading over and over.

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Always remember the hardest part to changing yourself is the starting. I would rather spend and hour trying hard and studying then wasting five hours of my time memorizing. I used to be the one of the laziest kids around in High School.

I have loved hearing all the success stories and those that are on the road to success. I never even stepped foot in a gym just did a lot of body-weight type exercises. Love to answer some questions if have some. One kid was memorizing while the kid was learning.

Having a shitty job like this gave me motivation to do well in school, so I could get a good paying job and do something that I enjoy. One kid sat there and just memorized and memorized and memorized.

Time Management - You know time management is crucial, so use your time wisely. What worked best for me when learning material was taking it slow and trying to nail down a topic before I moved onto another topic.

Are American students lazy?

Another kid I knew studied hard, but never put in un godly number of hours studying and had a high gpa and always tested well.

You need to be active when study. For me it was beating that smart-ass kid in class, people telling me that I was lazy, people telling me I was never going to be successful.

Fast Forward to now I am nearing graduation and will be graduating among the top of my class in Accounting. There are many things that will help you feel more confident. For technical based classes you just need to practice problems there are thousands of problems you can find online for numerous classes.

If you are constantly doing work to stay ahead you never quite feel so overwhelmed. Study Strategies - Now that you know its about learning here are some strategies I have. You need to be able to teach the material to someone else not just spit out random facts.

There are simple things you can do which will build your self-confidence, and help you in other aspects of life.Jun 24,  · Reader Approved How to Motivate Lazy Students.

Three Methods: Appealing to Students Establishing Classroom Consequences Motivating Your Children (For Parents) Community Q&A Motivation is often the key to success and teachers and parents alike should spend time motivating their students%(21).

I used to be the one of the laziest kids around in High School. I didn't find High School particularly challenging, so I never needed to put forth the effort to study to get A's and B's.

Head into college my lazy ways continued, and well as many of you know that doesn't usually have a good ending. I was absolutely lazy in high school and middle school - even elementary school. The problem is I never made clear my feelings on the issue- I even hid them from myself.

And as a result teachers and my parents alike tried to define my problem with. The naturally smart but lazy student coasted through 9th and 10th grade, getting easy A's, but never learning to study or work hard.

His peers who were slightly less intelligent had to work harder to get A's. High school students on the job We spend four years of our lives attending high school. Going through high school is supposed to prepare us for college and "the real world." Throughout these four years we begin to better understand our choices for college majors, but we don't get presented with the financial and time struggle that we will face.

Aug 08,  · Older students fail globally, too. When high-school seniors were last ranked internationally, inAmerican students placed at the bottom, trounced by kids from countries like Slovenia and Cyprus.

High school and smart lazy students
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