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They are the opposite of the utter anonymity of the firing squad - all identical backs, braced into the recoil of those big. Did this mean Goya was her lover?

And these are balanced by their contrary, the title of another "Disaster": Figuratively speaking, Goya at the height of his success knew "everyone" in Madrid.

Goya had been born in the tiny, remote Aragonese village of Fuendetodos and brought up in Zaragoza.

The unflinching eye

She is in mourning: Goya, without the near madness and the self-doubt induced by his own trauma, could never have become the Goya we know. He expressed his desire for it again and again.

His influence, the inspiration of his presence, the pressing need to reckon with him, lie behind a surprising number of careers: But he was more modern than we know - more modern, more disillusioned, less enchanted by the phantom of progress.

The surface is ragged: Inhe managed an early trip to Italy. The first owner of the paintings, for whom Goya painted them, was the royal favourite, the corpulent, florid, ruthless and ever-climbing minor aristocrat Manuel Godoy, who started his court career in the s, became first minister byand byas a reward for negotiating the Treaty of Basel, had acquired the splendiferous title of Prince of Peace.

The Black Paintings obey no perceptible narrative. He has seen too much. They enjoyed English wit, especially the political cartoons by Gillray, Rowlandson and others. The words he wrote on one plate of his great series of etchings, Los Desastres de la Guerra The Disasters of War are still the declaration of every documentarian, every realist, every artist who would be thought unflinching: In Goya was stricken by nervous breakdown and physical illness.

Case closed - so people used to think, and many still do. There is a tall, slender, dark-haired woman of exceptional beauty, who appears several times in the guise of seductress, traitor and victim. He crows about his income: Goya came to Madrid as a provincial, seeking a career.

And he begins to make a career as a portraitist. His father was a craftsman, a master gilder. They seemed positively un-Spanish to the pueblo. Napoleon was not the last general to make that mistake about guerillas. He must have attended discussions about constitutional reform, the divine right of kings, treatment of the marginal and in particular of lunatics, prison conditions and the elimination of torture.

And yet the real nature of her relationship to Goya is less clear than we think.

What lay before Goya as the 18th century turned its corner into the 19th? The coarse, swarthy, dilated face - all vitality. We see his long-dead face pressed against the glass of our terrible times, Goya looking in on a world worse than his own.

It made itself hated as the worst of oppressors, and made Spaniards nostalgic for, of all people, the odious Ferdinand, converting him in their eyes from a reactionary and distrusted tyrant-in-embryo to el Deseado - "the desired one".

His letters to friends sketch the enthusiasms of a youngish man on the make, rising fast. In this, he is unlike practically any artist now alive.Free Essay: The Art of War: Goya and Picasso War is hell. Literally. In an instant, in the blink of an eye, the world as we know it is torn apart and.

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Essay about Francisco de Goya Biography Biography: Francisco Jose de Goya was born in Fuendetodos, Saragossa on March 30th in to Joseph and Gracia Goya -Lucientes. Goya attended Escuelas Pias, a school where he developed a close friendship with Martin Zapatar whom he promised he’d never forget.

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