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Editors & Proofreaders for Indie Authors

It really helps you clean up and tighten your writing. One of the best things about these services is they are known and trusted in the industry. Will this editor help improve your book? When should you hand your manuscript over? I look forward to hearing from you. Self-publishing a book costs money.

On a personal level, Victoria has been published multiple times, and she has received awards for her writing. It is very time consuming Editing something you have written is much harder and less effective Editors help to make your book more readable Writing a book is already a very time consuming process.

Reply Karl Drinkwater April 4, at 2: Professional Editing There are three reasons why every indie author should pay for professional editing services: Reply Orna Ross July 9, at 3: I find the identification of repeated words the single most useful thing these automated editors do for me.

Besides, not a long time ago I explored for myself powerful plagiarism checker called Unplag https: In addition we offer website design including WordPress, Weebly and other services and eBook covers.

A sample edit will allow you to estimate the value of the service, but never forget about the price. I do this before I send my wip to my editor, and again after proofing before I publish the book.

Book The single most decisive factor should be the quality of the edit itself: Additional words will fall under the fee structure above. I, too, enjoy the check for repetition and weak writing. Use the 3 criteria above provides strength to a weakness, saves you considerable time or the return on investment is quick and foreseeable to decide if any other services are worth it for you.A low cost editing and formatting service specializing in providing an affordable and professional service to indie authors.

Top 30 Websites for Indie Authors {April UPDATE: This list has now been updated and enhanced, so go check out Top 50 Websites for Indie Authors on the blog.} Trying to build your writing and publishing career is a challenge.

Below is an editors and proofreaders list that may provide indie/self-published authors and indie publishers a place to start in their search for editing assistance.

Editor Deb Hartwell has a terrific article on our site on what to consider when choosing and working with a freelance editor. Indie authors need to budget for professional services such as editing and book cover design. In this post we discuss which services are worth the money.

The Creative Penn's list of recommended editors. A team of professional editors who have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry as well as offering services to indie authors.

How to Find an Editor as a Self-Published Author

In-depth manuscript reviews, manuscript critique, comprehensive edit, proposal edit, copyediting and ghostwriting. Amira Makansi Quality editing. 43 Responses to Writing and Editing Tools for Self-publishing Indie Authors.

Writing and Editing Tools for Self-publishing Indie Authors

salon There are plenty of proofreaders that provide services to the publishing and self-publishing companies/authors that upload their ebooks to Kindle etc.

Writing and Editing Tools for Self-publishing Indie Authors [ ] Editing Disasters and How to .

Editing services for indie authors blog
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