Case for critical analysis elektra products inc

I will have to lower my guard down, initiate meetings with the department heads and other teams, listen to the views of everyone, argue with them and against them and make them understand, with open heart and sincerity, that this time, top management with the full support of everyone will not allow failures to run in its vein again.

In recent years, the company experienced a host of problems as follows: Can you think of ways Barbara could have avoided the problems her team faced in the meeting with the department heads? The poor communication between the departments makes it difficult for the two departments to know the problems affecting each other.

From a functional view of management, the department heads are the recognized authorities in their respective fields, the HR Director, in human resource, the Finance DIrector, in finance and the Legal Director, in all matters relating to legal issues.

The concerns and satisfaction of the employees should then be gauged by the human resource manager Bruce, A serious problem comes in when they analyze the possible outcomes of the empowerment strategy.

I should have an open mind to modify, adjust or score out any proposal which will not serve the best interest of the company. The sales and manufacturing departments rarely speak. The concept encourages organizations to shift to a more interconnected way of thinking as employees will work harder for an organization they are committed.

A learning organization exhibits 5 main characteristics: Challenges that have to be addressed: Employee empowerment is a top management initiative.

If you were Barbara, what would you do now? The morale of employees who are kept informed is boosted, and they are ever committed to their duty. This is highly critical as both departments are essentially dependent on each other. Everyone in the organization will receive information conveniently when the group maintains an active communication channel Fielding, Getting the views of the employees is crucial when making changes in the organizations.

They are only informed about what they are expected to do at the implementation stage. Top management should realized that for empowerment to be successful, it has first to be wholeheartedly accepted.

How might top management have done a better job changing Elektra Products into a new kind of organization? Competition is fierce with the entry of domestic and foreign players but Management remained complacent. It is a different case in Electra Product Company because it can be seen that employees have quitted their jobs and have looked for employment opportunities in other firms Fielding, The employees have lost trust in the top management because there is no regular and open channel of communication in the organization.

Elektra Products Inc. case analysis

The employees are not satisfied with the plans of the CEO, but there is no channel through which they can express their ideas. Barbara could have avoided the problems her team faced, had she consulted the department heads with their inputs.

The sales department may, for example, need a change in the products of the company for the purpose of meeting the demands of the customer but the manufacturing unit cannot put it into practice.

A simple upward and downward channel of communication should be created in the organization because it makes it easier for employees to reach the top managers and the vice versa. The group has tried downsizing, re-engineering, reconstruction and all those have not solved the problems that the company is undergoing.

The CEO makes it clear that for the survival and good performance of the company, the cooperation, and trust of all the stakeholders is necessary.

The aspect of organizational behavior that should be addressed is the resistance to change. My proposals are indeed innovative and achievable but are not perfect. One step forward Russel and her team presented to the department heads and Griffin, the following innovative but easily achievable ideas implementing the empowerment campaign: There should be an improvised method of collecting the views of the employees about the changes that are supposed to be implemented in the organization.

They are only informed about the changes that they are expected to implement but are not part of the team formulating the new ideas. The situation is not anymore conducive to a free exchange of ideas.

One minute they try downsizing, the next reengineering. Employees expect to be involved right from the time of planning and not merely at the implementation stage. The new CEO has a good idea, but the problem is that the employees were not informed about the advantages that the empowerment project has over the other projects that have failed.Case Analysis, Apple, Inc.

Case Analysis, Apple Inc. 1 Case Analysis, Apple Inc.

1 of 4 Case Analysis, Apple Inc. 2 This case analysis is written to analyze the topic of Strategic Management and answering the question of why it is critical to the success of an organization in meeting its goals and mission.

´╗┐Case Analysis of Elektra Products Inc. by Marge Javillonar ADB-MBA Program A. Background 1. Elektra Products Inc. is an year old publicly held company that was one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of electrical products and supplies.

2. Recently, the company has faced problems that are critical to its existence. Case for Critical Analysis Elektra Products, Inc. Jojo P. Javier Management Dynamics Elektra Products, Inc.

Case for Critical Analysis: Electra Products

Introduction An 80 year old publicly listed company. ELEKTRA PRODUCTS, INC. CASE ANALYSIS REPORT I. BACKGROUND: As to the Company: Elektra Products, Inc.

is an 80 year old company, publicly held and had once been a leading manufacturer and retailer of electrical products and supplies. DOWNLOAD CASE FOR CRITICAL ANALYSIS ELEKTRA PRODUCTS INC case for critical analysis pdf Product Overviews. Introduction To CaseMap and TimeMap (24 Minutes) This webinar is primarily an.

Eecktra Products Inc Case Study Webster University Space Coast Region Merritt Island Campus Case Study Report Of Elektra Products, Inc By MNGT Management Submitted to: October 30, Synopsis Electra Products, Inc. is a manufacturing and retailer of electrical products and supplies.

Case for critical analysis elektra products inc
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