Application of theories essay

Another strategy that could be used to increase nurse retention would be the facility participating in continuing professional Application of theories essay of their nurses. This statement can be applied to problem solving and decision making.

From this, new knowledge arises on how nurse executives can implement new hiring requirements as well as continuing education to improve patient outcomes and reduce adverse events based on middle range nursing theory.

Application of Grand Theory to Nursing Practice Essay Sample

There are three ways in which nursing state officials can implement change for nurse managers to follow. I choose these theorists because I found their theories most applicable to my practice and also because they were all educated in the twentieth century.

Application of Theory Essay Sample

I think it has become essential for state nursing officials to step back and think of the population that is at our current facility and re-evaluate the root cause of nursing turnover at the facility.

Nursing Science Quarterly, 16 3 Nursing theory is one way for nurses to make decisions based on problems or situations they face. At the facility where I Application of theories essay, nursing turnover and retention has always been a problem that Application of theories essay nurse executives and nurse managers have worked to correct.

The following sections of this paper will focus on the problem of nursing turnover and retention and the strategies that can be used to solve this issue by applying nursing theory. Without these attributes, nurses are more exposed to negative factors which in turn, leads to decreased retention and increased turnover rates.

Information obtained for this table is listed on the reference page following the narrative. Outcomes achieved from organizational investment in nursing continuing professional development. An example would be the menopausal experiences of Korean immigrant women The theorists of this school tried to develop a concept of the outcomes of nursing care in relation to the recipient of care.

Theory can be used to guide practice, theory can be derived from research, and it can be used to solve problems from a leadership, policy, education, or informatics standpoint. Below I have included a table comparing four different theorists and their school of thought.

Meleis further delves into Grand Theory which includes four schools of thought: Having an effective nursing leadership presence in any healthcare organization that rewards nurses for doing a good job and provides a strong foundation is what keeps nurses in their current positions.

Nursing theory as a guide to practice. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 68 7 Residents at our facility range from those that have a mild developmental delay with no medical conditions to certain individuals that have profound delays with complex and fragile medical conditions.

In the third school of thought, Outcome, the theorist focuses upon the goal of bringing stability, balance, and energy in order to create the ideal environment for the patient. An example of a middle range thory would be incontinence or quality of life.

From an examination of the literature in regards to nursing turnover and retention, it is evident that solid nursing leadership, management, and executive support are essential components to reducing the nursing turnover rates among healthcare organizations. Implications for research and practice.

Strategy There are various strategies that can be used to solve the problem of increasing nurse retention and decreasing nursing turnover. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. As it currently stands, any nurse with a degree may be hired to work at my current facility.

If the job description is altered to require that applicants have the aforementioned requirements, it is known a nurse is inclined to stay in a field that are familiar with and have a certain amount of experience in due to the level of comfort they feel. By implementing this strategy, nurse executives and will be able to directly influence the care patients receive based on who is hired and the opportunities and benefits they provide the nurses employed within a healthcare organization.

The facility serves a unique population, that of the developmentally disabled. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast nursing theorists from these four catergories. Meleis states that there are are three categories of nursing theories, which include grand theories, middle-range theories and situation-specific theories.

Practical application of these theories really is what brings the concept to life. Numerous studies have been done on the causes of nursing turnover and how to prevent it within a healthcare organization.

Some are simple decisions and other issues are more complex and require guidance to make decisions. If nurses are provided continuing professional development and a decrease in adverse effects are noted as one of the effects of providing such, then it becomes less of a legal issue to employ the strategy.

This includes all aspects of nursing including nursing leadership, nursing education, nursing informatics and health policy. The middle-range theory of nursing intellectual capital.

However, these approaches only go so far and are often not that beneficial when it comes to nurse retention and decreased turnover rates.ARMA-GARCH Model Theories Application.

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Words May 2nd, 9 Pages. Application of Management Theories Words | 8 Pages. ultimedescente.comific Management Theory: Frederick Winslow Taylor (), the Father of Scientific Management, assumed that labor is not the cause of most problems in. Application of Theory Essay Sample Nurses have to make numerous decisions on a day to day basis.

Some are simple decisions and other issues are more complex and require guidance to make decisions. Applying Theory to Practice: The Application of Theories of Development to Academic Advising Philosophy and Practice. Theory and Application of Multiple Intelligences Theories on learning have been developed with increasing frequency in recent decades.

Researchers have struggled to pin down the essence of intelligence for some time. Application of Management Theories Essay ultimedescente.comific Management Theory: Frederick Winslow Taylor (), the Father of Scientific Management, assumed that labor is not the cause of most problems in business and it is only the management which can provide solutions to the problems of the business.

Application of theories essay
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