A report on my carpe diem

But the larger impact of the technology is still ahead, in the ways it will integrate with, and alter, classroom practice. Hallways at High Tech High are lined by prizewinning robotics projects.

School of One Much of the enthusiasm for the potential of blended learning comes from what is currently a math program. The scenarios are slightly surreal—more objects to move, in this case mostly fruit, and the reward for getting it right involves an animated monkey bringing yet more fruit to a stash on her island—but she and most other students take on the task assiduously.

Yet as much as anything, the blended effort is being driven by a new fiscal reality. As more schools like Rocketship build hybrid and blended systems, however, and as more entrepreneurs develop the missing-piece systems, the tipping point may be reached, fueling rapid growth of this new approach to schooling.

Once a student has mastered a specific topic, new ones become available for the student to choose from.

Students use the same computer-aided design systems that they would find in a professional design firm as they model real-life, design-forward chairs.

But what positions Rocketship on the cutting edge of school reform is its vision for how technology will integrate with, and change, the structure of the school.

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Their designs call for bringing new productivity to the way schools deploy staff and dollars. Some students work through all subjects each day, while others focus on math for the week on one day, science for the week on another day.

He hastens to add that the technology augments, rather than replaces, the teacher. Carpe Diem represents what will likely be a crucial chapter in the story of blended schools: Additional photographs of the hybrid schools are available here. Many lessons were not included because they did not closely align to their map.

In a 6th-grade social studies class recently, students used collaborative user-made web sites called wikis to access and respond to in-class and homework assignments.

The effect is of a miniature, and improbably enthusiastic, call center. Already, millions of children take one or more online courses, ranging from credit recovery to Advanced Placement. Today, Armstrong has divided the class in two.

On the Verge Indeed, it seems likely that, just as happened with charter management organizations, rapid growth will take place only when the pioneers can demonstrate proof points of excellence in student performance.

DSST enrolls a mostly-minority, 47 percent low-income student population and has achieved national renown for its extraordinary results, including the second-highest longitudinal growth rate in student test scores statewide.

Such is the case at High Tech High, whose campus near the San Diego airport is perhaps the most eye-poppingly technology-rich in the country.

When a student struggles on Tuesday, she can be assigned to a small group for help from a teacher on Wednesday, and with enough data and enough flexibility, it will even be possible to assign her to a teacher who is particularly good at teaching that lesson.

Through these assessments and classroom observations, teachers identify students in need of extra support, who are then assigned to afterschool tutoring the same day. In the past, technology actually made schooling more expensive, as computers were layered onto an existing model without adding any efficiency.

Teachers review these reports daily, both individually and in a collaborative planning period when they discuss the progress of individual students as well as student groups.

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Rooms within the warehouse-sized buildings are delineated with glass walls 15 feet high, leaving the remaining space under the foot ceilings for a chaotic crisscross of air ducts, structural supports, and wires. The hallways are lined by prize-winning robotics projects. The plan would have created enormous cost savings by allowing five different cohorts of students to use one building each week.

The scene in the computer lab represents the first steps toward realizing the Rocketship vision. The learning center is staffed by the principal, two instructional assistants, and a course manager, who also talks with students about their progress.

A student logs on to ALEKS and begins by taking an adaptive assessment, each question chosen on the basis of previous answers.Professor Segal is a wonderful!

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He is extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about biology. He gives tons of extra credit opportunities and does reviews for all of the tests.

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A report on my carpe diem
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