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These musicians included Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. The style called the western swing was a combination of west Texas fiddle music with jazz and pop music. Today, young groups like the Quebe Sisters, a trio of fiddlers from Fort Worth, are keeping Western music alive and swinging in the 21st Century.

Country was once limited to the rural South and Southwest but is now successful throughout all of the United States. Country super group Alabama also got their start in the early eighties. Most notably, singer Woody Guthrie emerged as a singer and songwriter who called attention to the plight of the dust bowl migrants.

They brought their music with them, and so this migration had an impact on Western music as traditional music of agriculturalists blended with the popular Western music that was emerging. Popular musicians such as the band leader Paul Whitman used some of the most common beats and rhythm of jazz, although with less freedom and skill than were displayed in the music of the great jazz players.

The Bar J Wranglers: Though cowboys no longer rode the Chisholm Trail north, there was still plenty of work with cattle to be had on ranches and in rodeos, and in songs, drama, popular fiction and movies, the cowboy had fully emerged as an authentic and truly American hero, a kind of knight of the plains.

Armstrong was a great improviser, technically, emotionally, and intellectually The Simon and Schuster Listener Guide to Jazz, The Sons of the Pioneers regrouped without Rogers, and continued to great success with a combination of tight harmonies, western themes, and the unique swing flavorings that Hugh and Karl Farr, two Texas bothers of Scotch-Irish and Cherokee descent, added with their fiddle and guitar work.

Their talent was aided by timing. Free essays on Research Papers posted on this site were donated by anonymous users and are provided for informational use only. Rodgers was a Mississippi railroad man whose style reflected more widespread influences, including the blues, and who was famous for his yodeling chorus ends.

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He changed the format of jazz by bringing the soloist to the forefront, and his recording groups, the Hot Five and the Hot Seven, showed people that jazz improvisation could go for beyond simply ornamenting the melody; he created new melodies based on chords of the initial tune Microsoft, Encarta.

Cowboy songs are still written and sung today. By this time, the influence of the western scene was so strong that country artists began to copy it. I believe that these artists I have talked about were some of the most important people during the Depression.

See also, " Mexican American Song. The people who listened to the music said it was their way of life Microsoft music.

Page 4 Rich Kiezie. In the s a large migration of people fleeing the dust bowl of the Southwest and Midwest occurred. He also made standards for all later jazz singers, not only by the way he changed the words and melodies of songs, but also by improvising without words, by using instruments in place of words The simon and Schuster Listener guide to Jazz, When sound films arrived in the late s, the singing cowboy became a staple hero of Westerns.

Fox, a Texan from a ranching family who set other cowboy songs; and " A Roundup Lullaby ," written by cowboy poet Charles "Badger" Clark, and set to music by composer Gertrude Ross, who taught composition to Eleanor Remick Warren.

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The Carter family of Virginia sang traditional Appalachian material to a guitar and autoharp accompaniment. It consists of a short, sharply accented bass pattern played over and over by the left hand while the right hand plays freely, using a variety of rhythms Microsoft Encarta.

While rock music has separated into a half-dozen format, country music remains united, making country the single largest radio format in the United States.

Cowboy poetry also flourished. The free Research Papers research paper History of Country Music essay presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service.

The region produced distinctive social dance music as well, as Mexican musicians adapted the accordions played by German and Bohemian immigrants to their own music, and even gave their waltzes and polkas distinctive Spanish interpretations.

Count Basie started out his young career as a jazz musician playing to silent movies. Country radio today alternates between songs with a distinctive traditional sound, and those owing more to The Eagles than the Carter family.

Western and Cowboy Songs

The Western frontier was mythologized in the popular press, and numerous songs celebrating cowboys, Indians, outlaws and the wonders of the western lands were written by tunesmiths who had no firsthand knowledge of the West.

For example, the railhead at Abilene, Kansas brought cowboys together from many Southwestern territories. Research Papers term papers Disclaimer: Equally important were radio shows, records, and movies that reached large, non-rural audiences throughout the country, and musicians such as Gene Autry, the "Singing Cowboy" and Roy Rogers into nationally famous names.

Songs of the pioneers, Texas Rangers, and the gold rush also became part of the mix that we call Western music today. Todd and Robert Sonkin in and More recently, Texas singer-songwriter Lyle Lovett has incorporated and adapted much Western Swing into his work.

Any discussion of country music in the nineties must begin with Garth Brooks. Prints and Photographs Division, Reproduction Number:Music of the ’s Essay Sample. Many people probably wouldn’t have made it through the ’s without music. The people who listened to the music said it was their way of life (Microsoft music).

Research Papers/History of Country Music research paper Research Papers term papers. Expanding on the foundation laid down in the twenties, country music added a western wing during the 's. The style called the western swing was a combination of west Texas fiddle music with jazz and pop music.

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The best known western swing. Compare Contrast Country Vs Rock Music. Since the beginning of time, many bands and artists have helped shape the way people live.

Thirty Seconds to Mars, with lead singer Jared Leto, is a very successful pop-rock band. Starting inthe members of this band did not have it easy. Custom The Country Music Essay Writing Service || The Country Music Essay samples, help Country music is a rather popular music genre.

It has its audience in Australia, Brazil, Canada, the United States of America, Ireland. Western and Cowboy Songs. Although it is often spoken of in the same breath as "Country" music, "Western" is a distinct area of American popular music whose roots reach into the frontier era of the 19th century.

- The History of Country Music The hillbilly music of the south is a genre of music that is beginning to grow at an immense rate throughout the United States. Originating in Bristol Tennessee, country music is a type of music that integrates the blues, jazz and originally some "hillbilly folk" with a bit of swing, and just recently some pop has.

1930s country essay in music
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